Environmental Sample Processor

DSC_2502-ESP-Sep-2014-editEnvironmental Sample Processor (ESP) provides in situ collection and analysis of water samples from the subsurface ocean. The instrument is an electromechanical/fluidic system designed to collect discrete water samples, concentrate microorganisms or particles, and automate application of molecular probes which identify microorganisms and their gene products.

Imaging FlowCytobot

DSC_2510-new-IFCB-downsampleThe Imaging FlowCytobot (IFCB) is an in-situ automated submersible imaging flow cytometer that generates images of particles in-flow taken from the aquatic environment.

Phytoplankton Sampler

PPS-DSC_4682-Downsample2The Phytoplankton Sampler (PPS) is an autonomous particulate sampler that filters up to 24 individual water samples through 47mm filters. Samples are collected in user-defined time series to analyze trace metals, phytoplankton and suspended particles.

Remote Access Sampler

RAS500 downsized McLane Remote Access Samplers (RAS) are designed to collect in-situ water samples in support of oceanographic research projects and environmental monitoring programs.

Sediment Traps

PArflux Time-series sediment traps were the original McLane Research Laboratories product line when the company was founded in 1983.

WTS-LV (Large Volume Pump)

DFO1 downsized 1The Large Volume Water Transfer System (WTS-LV) is a large volume single-event sampler that collects suspended and dissolved particulate samples in situ into a 142mm membrane filter. The WTS-LV allows for a choice of pump size and filter porosity for a range of specimen collection.