McLane Heads Back to School

Marine biology students at St. John Paul II high school on Cape Cod, MA, saw science in action when McLane engineers visited with an Imaging FlowCytobot (IFCB) and other instruments. In the hands-on presentation, the fifty 10th and 11th graders collected a water sample from a local harbor and then watched the IFCB capture images of suspended particles. McLane
Well before your busy profiler deployment, help ensure your cruise goes smoothly by preparing your team and instrument by following these seven best practices. Schedule training. Instrument training at McLane’s facilities is included with purchase. Refresher courses for older instruments can be arranged at our daily rate. Consider training your whole field team as McLane can accommodate small

Limited edition IFCB T-shirt

Introducing our limited edition IFCB T-shirt available in unisex sizes in Denim, Grey, Black, and Light Grey to our IFCB users– contact us for more details.
Proper post-deployment equipment maintenance extends the life of your instrument and prepares it for your next cruise. Post-deployment care varies by instrument so refer to the instrument user manual, which can be accessed in our Library.  Some universal best practices include the following: Run the data offload option, confirm that the data was recorded, and