Download McLaneTerm to use with your McLane sampler or profiler.  McLaneTerm provides the following: Replaces MotoCross and Crosscut terminal emulation. Ships with new McLane instruments. Operates on both Windows®* and Mac* systems. Works with McLane samplers and profilers that use terminal emulation. Supports firmware updates for all types of McLane controllers. Remote feature allows technical support to see what
As part of National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) Regional Cable Array, customized Remote Access Samplers (RAS) and Phytoplankton Samplers (PPS) are installed at the largest volcano off the Washington-Oregon coast (Axial Seamount) to sample hydrothermal vent fluids. The RAS and PPS were modified by Dr. David Butterfield (Univ. of Washington) and engineers at NOAA-PMEL and UW Applied Physics Lab for
Here are 6 ways to troubleshoot an instrument communication problem: Check for incorrect MotoCross communication settings. Restart MotoCross. Ensure that batteries are not dead, unplugged, or installed incorrectly. Inspect USB adapters and confirm that drivers are installed. Verify that MotoCross is not transmitting control characters. Establish that the electrical connection is functioning. Customer toolkits will
McLane sediment traps in Israel’s first permanent Deep Sea Research Station (DeepLev), have been instrumental in collecting an uncommon species of fish. Sediment traps along the station’s cable filled with fish called “sharpchin barracudina” which have rarely been documented in the waters near Israel and whose adult fish have never been reported in scientific literature.