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McLane manufactures time-series oceanographic profilers, samplers, and flotation. Our objective is to enable worldwide investigators to achieve their research and scientific goals by providing advanced, cost-effective instrumentation and mooring products. We are committed to supporting your scientific needs from proposal planning to deployment and recovery.



McLane Profilers autonomously profile the water column in a time-series along a fixed tether. See Profilers >



McLane samplers capture ocean and lake environments while adapting to unique specimen needs. See Samplers >



McLane mooring products and instrument housings are configurable, cost-effective solutions with proven durability. See Flotation >


If you prefer to speak directly to a support representative, please call  +1.508.495.4000 or email us to set up a Skype call with McLane_Research any time during our hours of operation from Monday to Friday, 0800 to 1700 (EST, EDT), 1300 to 2000 (GMT), see our Support page.


Published a few times a year, the McLane Newsletter highlights new product developments and current field research.

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Sales with Solutions

From proposal creation to deployment and recovery, McLane is dedicated to determining the best solution for your science application. We will help you plan a purchase for your project, prepare your team with training, and work to maintain your equipment in top operating condition for years to come. Solutions include:

Pre sales

  • Work with our engineers to select the most appropriate instruments for your needs.

Post sales

  • Attend training at our site, which is included with a new instrument purchase.
  • Contact technical support for help at any project phase.

On-going maintenance

  • Order an engineering evaluation to assess your instrument wear.
  • Give your instrument investment a long life of field performance with instrument refurbishment and repairs.

International Customers

  • Localized assistance in many countries.

Contact us to discuss your project, get pricing for an instrument purchase or service, or learn more about training.

If you prefer to speak directly to McLane, call +1 508 495 4000 or email us to set up a Skype call at McLane_Research any time during our hours of operation from Monday to Friday, 0800 to 1700 (EST, EDT), 1300 to 2000 (GMT).

Please see our Support page for technical assistance.


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The downloadable McLane Library content includes step-by-step User Manuals, Technical Support Bulletins, Software, Videos, Photos, and Data sheets. This in-depth information can be used to aid instrument selection. For those who already own instruments, the library is a resource for deployment preparation, recovery, and instrument storage.





Modern ocean science is a global effort. Scroll through the map and mouse over the droplets to learn about other projects in your ocean—our samplers, profilers, and flotation are deployed in oceans and lakes around the world. McLane is happy to help you contact potential collaborators.